VIDEO: CID feat. Glenna, “Love is Blind”

With vocal house permeating pop music in the biggest way since the early 1990s, New York’s CID is looking necessarily to reinvent the wheel, but rather improve upon it. With releases on renowned labels like Size and Spinnin’, CID is making his mark with uptempo and vibrant tunes that elevate the heart and the soul.

His newest release “Love Is Blind,” out on Big Beat Records, feels like a crazy mash-up of Duke Dumont’s vintage-classic vibe combined with the epic soundscapes of artists like Jonas Rathsman or Ten Walls. The video for “Love Is Blind,” on the other hand, leans in a more contemporary direction. Directed by fresh talent, and first time music video director, Alexandra Gavillet, the video for CID’s new single is a labyrinthine display of color and design overlaid with colorful and precise collage. What could only be described as the heterosexual male’s gaze and the fragility of its construct, especially within the realm of something as historically irreverent as music videos, the video’s blend of promiscuous club culture tropes with collage earns its credibility by discovering new avenues to explore visually (much like Hercules & Love Affair’s video for “Do You Feel the Same” rediscovered vogueing for a new generation of ravers and gay youth).

However, while the angst and frustration of the male ego throughout the video makes for a solid twist on the “guy chasing girl” concept, it’s unfortunate that the roles weren’t further elaborated on to make a clearer statement. That said, this is not the first time story is largely left alone in favor of a feast for the eyes. The crafty execution is what makes Gavillet’s debut as a director work in this instance delivering a product that’s tight, concise, and beautifully complements CID’s source material.

Watch the video below and be sure to catch CID tonight at Echostage in D.C. as support for Galantis!

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