Those Beats – Discontented EP

Glasgow Underground has quickly been growing into one of our favorite labels of the year, with a string of super solid releases from the likes of Kevin McKay, Barrientos, and several EPs worth of remixes of the late Romanthony. Last month they released the Discontented EP by newcomers Those Beats and we’re starting to see it pop up on radars all over. The UK-based duo specialize in late night house grooves that lean more towards heartbreaking than club shaking and aim to draw you under with hypnotic lows and gorgeous atmospherics. Each of the tracks on the EP share a gray melancholy pervaded by moving melodic shifts and tasteful arrangements. “You Don’t” opens with a pounding kick style sub, huge pad swells, and snips of vocals dancing in and out of consciousness. “Discontented” starts with a simple drum pattern and quickly opens into the most memorable track of the EP, with muted stabs opening into jagged saws balanced out with mellow sine pads and warped vocals uttering the title. “Highrise” is an instrumental number surrounding a bubbling bassline with ghostly echoes of stabs and “Always Keep Them Laughing” rounds out the EP on a darker kick, building tension with winding arpeggios and a tom-based low end. This is a great intro to a duo who has a lot ahead of them, so make sure to keep an eye out.

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