The DURKL Block Party I

If there was one thing we wish Washington had more of in the summer, it would be big block parties with music, food trucks, grilling – the works. Thankfully, local streetwear label Durkl ( is giving us the perfect Memorial Day Sunday with a free outdoor party in a large parking lot behind its Chinatown headquarters at Fifth and I streets NW. (The actual entrance to the parking lot is at 452 K St.) There will be three grills if you want to bring (and grill) your own burgers and brats, plus another grill for vegetarians. If you don’t feel like cooking, look out for Sweetgreen and the Fojol Brothers truck.  The icing on this free party is a who’s who of the Local DJ scene.  Come get down to Fort Knox Five, Will Eastman and Brian Billion (Bliss), the Nouveau Riche crew, Stereo Faith (Sorted), Chris Burns, Beautiful Swimmers, Jackie O and Lil’ Elle (Kids), and Deep Sang (Dirty Bombs), among others. Bring food, drink, bocce sets, Frisbees – whatever you need for a hot time at a summer block party. — Fritz Hahn (May 25, 2010)

(Source: Washington Post)