Schubert, a burgeoning young producer and DJ out of Barcelona, has managed to capture the eyes and ears of the electronic underground in what seems like a tremendously short period of time. Crafting some of the finest and most captivating tech-house of the moment while simultaneously managing, producing, DJing, and performing live prove the young musician to be not only a fine talent, but one with exceptional time management skills. With recent releases on Minus12 and his own Black Swan Recordings, Schubert’s latest efforts seem only to suggest that the artist’s vision is fixed firmly upon the future; and what this future holds appear to be big things.

You’re currently the manager of Reverse Replay, which supports the catalogs of two labels: Black Swan Recordings and Aurora Music. How did you manage to find yourself in this role and how do you balance production, DJing, and management?

I like the balance of working with other artists through the label’s efforts and on my various personal projects. The roles came naturally as I wanted to create avenues for artists and myself to support our own music.

Playing a live set and DJing are obviously two very different performances. Which do you prefer? What is your live setup like?

Both are rewarding, but very different. Recently, I’ve been playing live more often. My setup is based around Ableton Live, Native Instruments Maschine, and a midi controller.

You’ve played it seems all across the globe, from Paris to Miami. Do you have a favorite club or performance experience?

I’ve enjoyed every show and learned something from each one of them. Playing with other Sci+Tec artists and Dubfire has been an incredible experience and alongside friends from all over the globe. If I were to choose one gig that really stood out, it would be the first time that I played in Paris with a Natalino Nunes. It was also the first gig that I ever had in Europe.

Given your time spent travelling, do you draw a lot of inspiration from the places you’ve visited? Or is your sound rooted primarily in what’s going on in Barcelona at the moment?

I don’t think that my sound or inspirations have ever been rooted to a location. I really look at other mediums for ideas that I try to represent sonically. I’m [more] inspired by visual art, American minimalist music and sculpture, history, and music from all over the world.