Review | Du Tonc – “High”

Since their debut release in 2013, the duo of Australian singer/musician Matt Van Schie (Van She) and London-based producer/DJ Matthew Haymes (Mighty Mouse) have been creating and releasing sparkling, emotional disco singles under the moniker Du Tonc. On October 20th, they released their new track “High” into the world and it does not disappoint.

The arpeggiated opening of the track rises in tension, then launches into the atmospheric synth pads that define much of Du Tonc’s work. Van Schie’s voice is complimented by the airy backing vocals of Jenny McCullagh of Sydney group I Know Leopard as he sings of strong emotions and of the high he feels when he is together with the one he loves, hence the song title. Haymes’ strong production makes this track feel at home both on the dance floor as well as at the beach, which is always a good thing!

Du Tonc are now in the process of completing their debut album. In the meantime, “High” is out now via the duo’s own Nightfilm label. You can listen to the track here: