New Track | Modeselektor – Who (Feat. Tommy Cash)

Sometimes it is difficult to describe art or artists better than they can describe themselves. “Wildly diverse, infused with exuberance and inspired by a slap of the absurd.”  This is how Modeselektor chooses to advertise themselves and I can’t think of a more accurate depiction. The Berlin based duo are back with their first album since 2011, aptly titled Who Else?. Released on their own Monkeytown Records imprint, the first taste of the album comes in the form of “Who,” a riotous stomper featuring Estonian bad boy and PC Music affiliate, Tommy Cash.


It only takes about 10 seconds before the track launches into a full on rave spectacle, all crunchy and blown out. The bass hits fully intending to bludgeon the listener over the head. The choice to bring in Tommy Cash to handle the vocals is perfectly executed, his sing-song method of rapping feels anthemic in this context. His lyrics aim to expose the fact that nothing is promised and no matter how well-intentioned a thought or action might be, everyone has to live life on life’s terms. Cash intones, “Who says study will get you work / Who says school will you get you class / Who says a job will get you the cash / Who says a loan will save your ass,” a sentiment that more and more young people are coming to identify with. This theme repeats itself until the song crescendos into squealing, distorted siren synths followed by the incredibly catchy repeated refrain of, “Who bla-bla-blah bla-bla-blah bla-bla-blah…they keep talkin’ blah.” Modeselektor and Tommy Cash make a formidable pairing here and manage to craft a certifiable hit.


Check out the sometimes disturbing, but otherwise visually stimulating video below.