Jewellers – Easier Together

We introduced you to Jewellers just a few months back with some haunting electro-synth remedies from their debut release. Since then, they’ve been remixing all sorts of other new artists, but more importantly, have been working on their sophomore LP coming later this year.

Earlier this month, the duo began releasing some new material for the album and, to say the least, we’re extremely psyched for what’s to come. The first track off the album is titled “Sing Trees,” which brings glitchy synth-pop alongside a spattering beat for some variety in the album’s introduction. On a more rhythmic side, the duo unleashed “Easier Together” on Friday, which has provides a whole new perspective of their capabilities. The six minute track flexes their known synth-pop production and smoothens it into a funky flow of light guitar strums and vocals for a quite relaxing yet danceable piece. No further info has been announced for the forthcoming album yet but stay tuned on their Facebook or SoundCloud as they may surprise us with some news in the next few weeks.