Interview with Danny Daze

1. You started DJing at raves when you were 13 years old — How did you get connected into that scene at such a young age? What styles of music did you spin?

Danny Daze – I got into that scene through friends who used to break dance with me. They were usually all age events so it took me maybe 3 parties to get used to the glow sticks and the zombies walking around. Used to spin Electro, not the “Electro” of now a days, I’m talking about record labels like Clone, Direct Beat, Bunker, Underground Resistance, DJAX-UP-BEATS. I miss those days like crazy.

2. How long were you DJing before you started producing tracks?

DD – Started DJing at 13 and messing around with Fruity Loops at around 15. Really started producing full tracks I was somewhat happy with at around the age of 18. I look back to those tracks now and have no clue what I was thinking. Haha

3. You’re a member of two collectives – Señor Stereo and DiscoTech (alongside Gigamesh and Joe Maz) – can you explain the concepts of both and the major differences between the two?

DD РI felt the need to have separate monikers because having one name for everything would just confuse the living crap out of people. The Se̱or Stereo stuff turned out to be our original music while DiscoTech started off about 5 years ago as strictly a remixing moniker for major labels.

4. You’re gearing up to release a new track, “Your Everything feat. Louisahhh” on Jamie Jones & Lee Foss’ label, Hot Creations; can you give us some details on the track & release date? How did you link up with Hot Creations?

DD – Really looking forward to that EP! The flipside to that track is another song getting quite a bit of attention as well called “Fall Away From Love”. “Your Everything” is a song I started to produce while I was in LA staying with friend of mine Jason Tyler who’s an insane trumpet player. I basically sang to him what I wanted played and he hit me back with it, then I sang the low end part of the tune, sent it to Louisah and had her sing the same vocals. I linked up with the H.C. cats this past Miami Music Week. They were dropping my tune and it was still unreleased, so we basically hi-fived and the EP was signed. The EP comes out on vinyl mid June and digitally end of June.

5. Lee Foss (among many others) has already dubbed “Your Everything” as “the biggest record of the year” (in a May interview with Paperblog)– and it hasn’t even been officially released yet. How does that make you feel?

DD – I’m just flattered to be honest. Lee, Jamie, Seth…all those cats are just good people in general and have great taste in music. Being part of the crew is an honor and am really looking forward to making more music with them.

6. Seems like you, along with a few other DJs/producers, have a (minor) “anti-sub genre” campaign going – can you explain more about this, and your thoughts about labeling?

DD – Haha, I see you read my soundcloud. It’s pretty simple. Dance music is dance music. 10 years ago I thought I was insanely cool because I was playing this “underground breakbeat thing” called “electro”. Then that word just got splattered everywhere and completely broke my heart. Obviously “Country” music isn’t “House” and “House” isn’t “Hip Hop”, but these sub-sub-sub-sub genres that are coming out are ridiculous.

7. You’re about to head over to Detroit to spin the Hot Natured party at DEMF – what about DEMF are you looking forward to the most?

DD – Really looking forward to being out there with my girlfriend and being around friends. The Hot Natured parties are always a blast and this one should be even blasty-er, I plan on doing headspins by the end of the night!! I’m staying with a buddy of mine (mic check…shout out to DJ Godfather) who is always the nicest dude ever, might even jump in the studio with him.

8. Any upcoming projects/collaborations you can cue us in on?

DD – Yeah, I’m constantly working…Just finished a remix for Luca C & Brigante – “Different Morals ft. Ali Love” coming out on Southern Fried Records. Currently Working on a remix for Maxxi Soundsystem and have had collaboration talk with quite some heavyweights. Don’t wanna jinx myself though so I’m gonna keep that one under wraps.

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Check out Danny Daze this Saturday, May 28th at Bliss with Will Eastman and DJ Lisa Frank. Doors open at 10:00 p.m., entry is $10 –