Interview | SACHI

Just before completing their US Tour, New Zealand duo SACHI were kind enough to answer some questions, having recently performed at U Street Music Hall as part of a North American tour opening for Phantoms. Enjoy as we talk about music and life before they were known as SACHI, as well as talking about what it is like to be on tour.Nick and Will, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions!Thank you for having us on!What is your earliest memory of music?Around four or five, I remember the music from the road trips of my childhood. Listening to Macy Gray in the back of Mum’s Volvo.


I am very curious about how you found music individually? How did that develop into making music both individually and together?

It was so early on, it’s hard to remember. I remember being very curious about what songs were and where they came from, and wondering if I could make that noise too. We started making music together as SACHI just because we were best mates, and both drawn to production individually, and having played in bands and worked on video stuff together we already had this constructive element to our friendship.

I understand you use Ableton. What was your workflow like when you started compared to now? What were your first songs like? How were they made?

I think it’s pretty similar. We work on each element quite fast, like chords, drums, leads and textures, until we get the best idea out, then once the song itself is finished like structure and vibe, then we go back in and refine and polish.

A lot of people focus on when they found out about an artist, but we all know there were years of work before that. I am curious what you did to stay consistent and make music  that meant something to you while you waited for the world to catch on?

Great question, that’s a hard one. I think staying inspired is a big part of it! That feeling when you make a song sound how it sounded in your head, or listening to a demo in the car or on the walk home from the studio over and over and over again. It’s very addictive.

How do you know when a song is done?

I think it changes song by song — but as a whole when you can listen through and only have one or two minor notes on it. I force myself to think ‘If I change this, how likely is it that anyone else will pick up that a change has been made’ and if the answer is ‘not likely at all’ then sometimes that is a good reason to leave it be and not change it at all.

What do you like to do pre-show and post-show on tour to get ready for your gigs and unwind?

Before the show we are pretty relaxed, hanging out with our friends and crew backstage. Post show we get changed, pack up our gear and go meet people or friends in the crowd who have come to see us!

Make sure to give Nights With Ruby a listen. Thanks again SACHI for giving us some insight into your career and lives.