Full Service Party Aug 5 2017

INTERVIEW | Jack Inslee

In the summer of 2015, Tittsworth & Friends brought a dream double bill to U Hall: MikeQ and Vjuan Allure. Baronhawk Poitier started the night with some prime Baltimore club cuts, I remember thinking “why would anyone ever listen to any other type of music?” during his warm up set. Vjuan Allure stepped up with a one-two punch: bootlegs insanely incorporating The Lion King and “Poison”. As MikeQ entered the fray, the dancefloor was already on fire and ready to be whipped into a frenzy until the lights come on. Sound like fun? The Full Service Party is bringing MikeQ and Vjuan Allure back on August 5th.

Ahead of the show, we talked to Full Service’s Jack Inslee, a recent transplant to DC, about the Full Service collective and the upcoming Full Service Radio broadcast.

Q: Jack, thank you for chatting with us. Could you tell us about the history of Full Service Party?

Full Service Party started more than a decade ago in Brooklyn. My best friend/collaborator Wreck Tech and I threw a few basement raves and then moved the party to bigger venues around the city. Around 2010, we started to bring in up and coming talent like Sinjin Hawke, LOL Boys, LE1F, Jubilee, Brenmar, Fat Tony, DJ SEGA, Lil Internet and more to play our parties in Bushwick. Full Service Party has always had a reputation for inclusiveness, debauchery and progressive sounds. We’ve always felt that cultural influencers and regular people looking to let loose should all feel equally welcome at our events. We’ve had confetti cannons, theme parties, projectionists, surprise headliners — all kinds of stuff. Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to play gigs all across the country and host our own stage at Bonnaroo for the past five years!

Q: We previously talked with Vjuan Allure, who is co-headlining on August 5th with MikeQ. I know that you’ve worked with Vjuan Allure for a few years. How did you first link up?

Vjuan Allure is a LEGEND. For those that don’t know he basically invented the modern ballroom club sound. I was lucky enough to bring him to Brooklyn a few times to play some parties about 5-6 years ago and we just hit it off and have been friends since. When we brought him down to Bonnaroo for the first time, he got up on stage and started his set with this insane intro he produced that featured all of the Full Service DJ’s shouted out in this super dope voice. He’s the kind of DJ that will invite you to the club, shoot you a mischievous look and then play a remix of YOUR song or a remix of some inside joke you share that he made the night before! He’s really special.

Q: You recently relocated to DC for Full Service Radio, a radio show that airs from the LINE Hotel lobby. Can you tell us more about this?

I moved here to DC from NYC last September to launch Full Service Radio at The LINE Hotel. Full Service Radio will broadcast from the beautiful lobby of the hotel once it opens in Adams Morgan this fall. The studio will be visible to the public and the network will feature 30+ weekly talk and music internet radio shows hosted by local DC talent. All the shows will be available to hear live online, archived on iTunes and in the actual hotel rooms! There have been some delays but once this thing hits it’s going to be massive.

Q: Are there plans for collaboration between Full Service Radio and DC’s diverse group of DJ crews?

Absolutely. DC has blown me away with all of the talent here. Ayes Cold, Native Sun, Vjuan Allure, Better Listen Records, Jamal Gray, ATG, Other Feels and Post Cultural will all be hosting music shows. Ayes Cold and Native Sun have also become part of the Full Service family so expect to see a lot more collabs and events with them soon!!

Q: Finally, do you have any future DJ dates or event plans for us to look out for?

You can catch me every 2nd Saturday at Rock n Roll Hotel or playing gigs with my incredibly talented girlfriend Odetta Hartman.