Glasgow Underground – Winter Collection 2013

Kevin McKay’s Glasgow Underground has had quite the year, delivering a handful of notable releases from the likes of Small Pyramids, Romanthony, and a recent gem in the form of Those Beats. With winter quickly approaching, the label decided it was time to release a sampling of tracks meant for those colder, melancholy nights, and the result is a five-track compilation of deep grooves and ethereal disco that surprisingly manages to evoke the air of the season perfectly. Generally, compilations have four to five worthwhile tracks followed by a lot of fluff, but the decision to go with just five tracks proves very effective here, as each one is just itching to find its way into late night sets.

The release begins with Solaris Heights’ first release in five years in the form of “Together.” The duo of Anton Fielding and Bryan Robson craft a solid deep house track with some darker disco leanings. The bubbling synths and moody atmospherics all have a very mechanical feel, but the groove is undeniable  and aided by a simple spoken word sample creeping out of the fray to pull you in. Next up, Kevin McKay’s “Baby Come To Me,” one of the more low-key feeling tracks on the compilation, makes do with airy textures wrapped around a disco bass groove and sexy R&B samples that float about a cloud of reverb. With a familiar, old school vibe, the tune is very digestible. DeMarzo’s remix of Walker & Royce’s “I Surrender” waivers back and forth between disco and deep house with a nefarious bassline juxtaposed by breathy vocal samples, 80s chimes and lush synth textures. Rhythm Operator’s “In Your Eyes” is an easy follow up to last month’s debut on Let’s Play House. It’s a simple but effective house track driven by a relentless but playful bass line and 909 groove. The final track on the compilation, Cram’s “Music,” is an irresistible late night disco burner that serves as the perfect closer to the record.