Giveaway: Crystal Castles

Collaborating in 2004, punk rock vocalist Alice Glass and producer & songwriter Ethan Kath formed the electro-thrash group Crystal Castles. During each year up until present day, the group has managed to create music that sends chills down the backs of hundreds of thousands of inspired fans with their unique shaping of electronic dance music. Their sophomore album Crystal Castles II was released in Spring of last year and, by the looks of their extended tour, the success of the album is unmistakable.

Crystal Castles returns to Washington DC on Wednesday, March 16th at the 9:30 Club for a second time since last Spring. The show is unfortunately sold out, but we’d like to give an opportunity for fans to win some merchandise. Beginning March 4th, Blisspop will be hosting a giveaway contest where you will be eligible to win posters, promo CD’s, and a vinyl edition of their latest album Crystal Castles II.

Visit for details on how to enter the contest.

Crystal Castles – Baptism