Georgian Waters

When it comes to embedding personal character into one’s musical output, Swedish group Georgian Waters takes the cake. Since early 2011, they’ve been producing wistful dream-pop that seamlessly parallels their personalities. The act’s latest release, the chic single Dead In No Time, pulls you through a documentary-type tunnel vision of youthful nostalgia, conjuring visions of running on the beach with a Super 8 and jamming in bedroom studios.

Georgian Waters – Dead In No Time

Rummaging through their social media feeds, you’ll notice the frequency of inspiration, photos and videos–all of which appear to be a reflection of the band’s consistent progression. Listening through their young and evolving discography, charming guitar riffs drift in and out between shoegaze-braced vocals that seem to speak of the group’s tragedies and triumphs throughout the years.

Georgian Waters provokes a proper collective of friendliness, youth, and happiness in their work, which seems obvious given the dominance of their personal lives over any other sort of external influence. It’s relieving to see bands still producing with such an organic quality after releasing multiple albums and having become familiar with the corporate side of the industry.

Georgian Waters – What Is In Your Heart