Njordlyd Profile

Feature | Njordlyd – “Ghost Running”

Njordlyd is a Danish musician and producer who focuses on ambient and downtempo electronic music. His track “Ghost Running” is inspired by a painting from Dutch artist Mijke Anink. Njordlyd described the emotions behind “Ghost Running” as “The feeling of moving / movements without being in control.”

“Ghost Running” starts off with a very peaceful soundscape that envelops the listener. At 0:30, a deep percussive element joins the track, but it isn’t overwhelming; rather, the percussive element adds to the piece’s relaxing sound. Njordlyd lists Brian Eno and Massive Attack as influences, which can certainly be heard in “Ghost Running.” I also hear similarities in Njordlyd’s music to Pittsburgh artist GH, whose Dreamed Sequences LP I covered several years ago on Blisspop. I appreciate all of the sound artifacts and other samples hidden in “Ghost Running” — after several listens, I’m still uncovering more layers of the track.

Listen to Njordlyd’s “Ghost Running” below and listen to more of his music here.