Edmondson – Chestnut Ave

Hypercolour’s latest release comes by way of Newcastle-based producer Edmondson. The EP is a tight collection of tracks that do a great job showcasing the artist’s capabilities as a producer, especially with this being just a sophomore release. Each track differs stylistically from the others, but they’re all held strongly together by his penchant for gorgeous atmospheres and his reserved production style. Title track, “Chestnut Avenue,” feels like a rainy dream scape, with reverb-drenched string staccatos dancing over a pulsing kick. “Don’t Stop” is a slow burner with disco leanings, while “Tendency” is an airy collection of sounds encapsulated by a lightly staggered beat, minimal chord pulses, and a nostalgic feeling soundscape. “U Belong,” which closes the record, is the closest Edmondson gets to the 4/4 feel of house and techno, wrapping a minimal dance beat in sub pulses and scattered percussion. Expect big things from this guy in 2014.

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