Image of Vance and Suzzane

Rewind | Detroit Swindle – “Allright (we’ll be)”

Music enthusiasts and digital cratediggers are always looking for music they haven’t heard to add to their collection. The obvious place to look for previously unheard music is in the charts for newly released tracks. However, many listeners including myself have turned to the past for unearthing new music. To better help me find older gems, I’m even building a front-end web application as a side project that searches record label discographies and generates a Spotify playlist that contains the record label’s complete discography.

The other day I was listening through Heist Recordings‘ discography when I came across “Allright (we’ll be),” a feel good disco house edit by Detroit Swindle from 2015. Detroit Swindle samples husband and wife artist duo Vance and Suzzanne’s (pictured above) 1980 track “I Can’t Get Along Without You” in “Allright (we’ll be),” taking slivers of Suzanne’s vocals along with other elements of the original track and giving the original special treatment to make it DJ friendly. The bassline and kick give the track a bouncy vibe and the vocal samples are sure to put the listener in a good mood. “Allright (we’ll be)” is a stellar edit that ages well with time. Listen to both Detroit Swindle’s “Allright (we’ll be)” edit and Vance and Suzzanne’s original below.