Deep Sessions DC Presents: Martyn, Youngsta & Biome at U Street Music Hall

“Washington is a weird city because it’s kind of transient. It’s a city where people come to work or study, and once they’re done, they’re out. There are few people who actually stay here long enough to build a scene”, is what world renowned DJ/Producer Martyn stated in an interview with The Guardian. Well, Martyn and the nations capital are in for a big surprise this Thursday when Deep Sessions DC brings U Street Music Hall the biggest and most deep rooted bass show it has ever seen. Not only will Martyn provide the well known “Martyn Music” sound but he will be accompanied by two profound and legendary artists that have become staples in dubstep all over the world.

Making his DC debut, Manchester’s Biome, has become known for his atmospheric, organic dubstep sound, and will provide a spacious vibe with his collection of mid-range energy. Biome has the ability to build deep-dark beats and create a cosmic trip on the dance floor. His tracks has been played by inspirational artists such as Icicle and Youngsta, and it is no doubt that Biome will continue to make his mark with this powerful genre making him one of the leading forces of dubstep.

Listen to Biomes “Nocturnal” here and grab a free download:


Having one of the most reputable names in the bass music scene today, DJ Youngsta has been one of the biggest influences in this genre to date and is well known for being a dubstep veteran. Also making his DC debut, Youngsta leads his success with his popular radio show Rinse FM, Youngsta has made monumental discoveries that go down in music history that has made an everlasting impact on the deep rooted music we hear today. He also represents Tempa Records, which holds releases under big names such as Skream, J:Kenzo, Headhunter, Coki and Truth. Youngsta continues to be the voice of dubstep worldwide as well as creating consistant momentum and lasting memories.

Listen to LX ONE and Youngsta’s new track “Responsibility”, forthcoming on Tempa Records:


In a interview with RA in 2008, Martyn states, “Well, bass is – that’s also sort of a physical thing for me.” For years, Martyn has made bass music a physical, emotional and mental thing for his audience. Beautifully blending all genres like techno, dubstep, garage, and house, Martyn tells his story on the dancfloor while continuing to push new forward thinking sounds. His label 3024 holds EPs from some of the biggest names in electronic music such as Jacque Greene, Julio Bashmore, and Instra:mental. Martyn continues to be a moving force within the bass scene by pushing boundaries and ideas.

Listen to one of Marytn’s classics here from his full length album Ghost People titled “Viper”:

Don’t miss out of history being made this Thursday at U Street Music Hall! Here’s where you can get your tickets:

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