Cadence Kid artist image

Cadence Kid – “Hold On Me”

I believe in the ripple effect. Good deeds – however small – ripple outwards, spreading positivity in their wake. By sharing Cadence Kid’s lighthearted indie-pop summer jam, “Hold On Me,”  I hope to spread the song’s good vibes.

Cadence Kid demonstrates compositional brilliance with “Hold On Me.” The song features tuneful melodies, beautiful pads and vocals, purposeful harmonies, and a sound song structure. With the right promotion, I expect “Hold On Me” to be a chart climber.

Some may call the “Hold On Me” music video kitschy, but I believe it administers a proper dosage of tenderness that will do many of us good.

Give “Hold On Me” a listen, let it brighten your day, and help spread these good vibes.