Cadence Kid – “Hold On Me”

I believe in the ripple effect. Good deeds – however small – ripple outwards, spreading positivity in their wake. By sharing Cadence Kid’s lighthearted indie-pop summer jam, “Hold On Me,”  I hope to spread the song’s good vibes.

Cadence Kid demonstrates compositional brilliance with “Hold On Me.” The song features tuneful melodies, beautiful pads and vocals, purposeful harmonies, and a sound song structure. With the right promotion, I expect “Hold On Me” to be a chart climber.

Some may call the “Hold On Me” music video kitschy, but I believe it administers a proper dosage of tenderness that will do many of us good.

Give “Hold On Me” a listen, let it brighten your day, and help spread these good vibes.

Author: Patrick Blinkhorn

Born, raised, and now based in Washington, DC, Patrick Blinkhorn is a man of many talents. Patrick is a computer science student at Georgetown University with a B.A. in music from Colby College in Waterville, Maine. While not studying computer science, Patrick writes for Blisspop, focuses on music production and DJing under the moniker "Blinkhorn," and tutors children in mathematics. Patrick also enjoys running and swimming, reading long Russian novels, and practicing mindfulness and meditation. While there are many facets to Patrick, music is the driving force in his life.