Bluebrain! Live Tonight!

If you’ve ever seen Bluebrain live, you’ll know that their aesthetic endeavors have the two brothers exploring and pushing both sonic boundaries and the visual landscape. When performing live, their haunting and multilayered electronic music, rich in deep tones and timbres, textured with interesting instrumentals and various string arrangements, and characterized by dynamic transitions in pace and rhythm, is often accompanied with strange and mystifying visual effects, making them just as much of a performance art act as it is a music show. So if you’re looking to be wholly stimulated this Saturday night, check out their interactive live performance at The Fridge (Rear Alley @ 516 8th St SE (Capitol Hill) tonight at 8PM. They’ll be teaming up with other artists and even you (if you pre-download the iPhone app) to produce some killer music and some dynamic art. Who knew dancing to electro music could be so intellectual.