Blisspop Daily News, 7/14/15

This is what happened today in dance music.

  1. Moogfest was officially announced today, after skipping the 2015 festival season, in conjunction with a 5 song EP featuring the likes of Dan Deacon, YACHT, and more. Still no word yet as to whether Native American headdresses will be worn by caucasian concert goers, but we’re just going to assume that it’s gonna happen (via The News & Observer, SPIN).
  2. Susumu Yokota, an influential IDM musician and composer from Japan, was announced dead today at the age of 54. According to his family, he passed in March after a period of illness (via Fact Magazine).
  3. Electronica musician M.I.A. has released her audiovisual project consisting of a short film that she has directed and her music – some of which is from her upcoming LP. It’s going to be a part of Apple Music’s rollout of new content for the service because Apple wants to bang, bang, bang, ka-ching, and get your money (via Pitchfork).
  4. Video has surfaced of a horse at David Guetta’s “Fuck Me I’m Famous” party at its opening at Pacha in Ibiza this past May. Apparently, the horse was injured at some point in the evening resulting in Guetta receiving a bit of backlash. Now all we need is someone to come forward to blast Guetta’s last album which was a hate crime against anyone with ears (via Dancing Astronaut).
  5. Diplo was featured in an interview by Rolling Stone and discussed the importance of #EDM and its rise to prominence. He apparently asked his interviewer not to wear Kandi bracelets to the interview (via Rolling Stone).