Blatta & Inesha – “We Don’t Know”

Italian producers Dario Blatta and Ignazio Inesha have been locked away working on their debut record Surface Tension, and the long hours of hard work definitely seem to have paid off. “We Don’t Know,” the first single off of the album, is one hell of a way to showcase the fruits of their recent labors. Here, the duo have cooked up a four-minute techno groove with a monster 303 bassline that gets hungrier and hungrier as the track goes on. Accented with stabs and some light melodics, the track centers around the bass and the mangled repetition of the phrase “We Don’t Know How To Disco.” It’s cold and mechanical, but the huge builds and addicting groove make this an easy dance floor killer. Attaque’s remix pumps the original full of steroids and turns it into a full force assault on your senses, complete with hyperactive hi-hat action and sinister synth blasts. Check out the accompanying video here.