An Interview With Jacques Renault

I recently caught up with D.C. native Jacques Renault as we discussed music, life, Twin Peaks, and a possible return home. For more info, check out his site here.

Bonkerz: You grew up in Washington, DC and used to be involved in the punk scene before moving to Chicago in 1997 and then NYC in 2002. How did both of these cities change your career/direction in music ?

Jacques Renault: It definitely gave me another perspective of electronic music in our country/beyond as it exposed me to more than what I was hearing in DC at the time. It took some time for what direction I really wanted to go in and what I wanted to focus on.

B: Who would you consider to be your main influences (past/present) ?

JR: I enjoy the archived the Ron Hardy DJ mixes, they are great to listen to. It’s tough to name one current producer or DJ that I am particular fond of, so the last record that was on at home was a 12″ by Vakula.

B: What album are you currently listening to ?

JR: Last night I listened to Stereolab’s Emperor Tomato Ketchup

B: Which track that you’ve produced is your favorite (or you enjoy playing out the most)?

JR: Lately I’ve been playing an edit off my upcoming OTP Party Breaks 12″ – look out for that this fall..

B: You recently released a remix of Breakbot’s “Fantasy” and some are calling it ‘the summer disco anthem’. It’s also hard not to see a Michael Jackson resemblance/influence. Was this the plan or did it just happen to turn out that way ?

JR: When I first heard the original, I was drawn to that fact that Rukazoid sounded like MJ. I saw it as a chance to make a track as close to that as possible, I’m pleased it’s gone over so well.

B: Where is your favorite venue to perform ? Which venue would you like to perform at ?

JR: I’ve played in some great venues the past few months, years. big and small. Once again, it’s tough to name one, so this time I’ll choose the Animals Dancing party at the Mercat in Melbourne. Great people and lots of fun to play for 5 hours. Always good to be in Australia.

B: What do you like to do when you aren’t Producing/DJ’ing ?

JR: I like to be friends, eat good food, visit galleries, try new restaurants, go to new nights and I’m currently watching Breaking Bad.

B: You and your buddy Nik Mercer decided to create a unique, NY-based party called “Let’s Play House”. Tell us about where the concept came from and when people can check it out.

JR: Let’s Play House is a venture Nik and I decided to for the love of what’s happening in music. We’ve done warehouse parties, hotels, karaoke bars and movie theaters. People in NYC tend to like odd places where talent is always important and the atmosphere seems right, even though they don’t know where it is usually. Join our mailing list and visit us sometime. (Let’s Play House)

B: What can we expect from Jacques Renault in the upcoming months ?

JR: I’m working on some original music on my own and with Runaway, as well as a few remixes that are too soon to announce. It’s good to be back working on stuff I’ve been planning on. (Runaway)

B: When are you coming back to Washington, DC ?!?

JR: Soon I hope! I like what’s been going on in DC.

B: Are you a “Twin Peaks” Fan ?

JR: Ha of course. I like how people still don’t think it’s my real name.

You can check out more from Jacques Renault at: