Alvin Risk: Hit Parade

Painted Face – Undreamt (mp3)
One of my sisters debut tracks. The start of something great.

Zombies For Money – Sacanagem (mp3)
Gotta just pick one song at random cause I like all the stuff the
Zombies from portugal have been doing. Cannot loose.

Siriusmo – Einmal In Der Woche Schreien (mp3)
Hopefully this track inspires someone to create a video game based on
how good it is.

Uzi Octapus – Shantyman (mp3)
Cutting edge, fresh, musical AND street. Genius.

Four Four- The Eff We Do (mp3)
Why i LOVE soundcloud. Listen to this crazy shit!

The Radio Dept.  – Never Follow Suit (mp3)
Their latest album ‘Clinging to a Scheme’ is excellent from beginning
to end. Not one bad note.

Niki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett – Massive Attack (mp3)
Motion sick. So much swing it makes some people feel queazy. When the
bridge kicks in i do the rocky pose.

Computer Magic – Running (mp3)
The subtle sounds of a robot and her computer. Awesome.

I Crave Paris – Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities (mp3)
One day… i hope to be as cool as listening to this song makes me feel.

Polkadots 2010 – Oliver Twitz Remix (mp3)
Im putting this track in because it’s responsible for the whole top
row of keys on my laptop no longer working. Never play this late at
night in a dark crowded room full of people.