Mr. G EP [Contemporary Scarecrow]

Mr. G is no small name in the realm of dance music. Nothing short of a legend, the one time member of techno duo Advent, head of Phoenix G records, and man responsible for numerous releases across labels like Defected, Skint, and Rekids is at it again. This time he’s offering up a 4 track EP simply titled the Mr. G EP coming at us from Australia’s hottest up and coming label, Contemporary Scarecrow.

Having only two releases under their belt, CS is really setting the bar high for themselves. It’s impressive enough to have your first release be that of Chicago house stalwart Boo Williams, but even more impressive to follow that up with a name like Mr. G. The Mr. G EP is 4 tracks of raw, unforgiving techno that feel like the insides of a 20 year-old MPC in the best way possible. These are dark, slow burning grooves with a sinister feel to them. The most traditionally accessible track out of the bunch is the aptly titled “Dancefloor” which builds a groove around a simple organ stab, deep, hypnotic bass and soulful vocal samples. Other tracks like “Potent” and album closer “Seapuss” have a more relentless feel to them that fans of deeper techno will most definitely find appealing.

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