Pat Lok – You Street

Canadian DJ Pat Lok posted up a new track last week that is forthcoming on Hear This.  “You Street” is a very lush sounding house/disco track, with big chords and a bit of a syncopated rhythm. This one hits home with us here at Blisspop, literally and figuratively. The title, “You Street,” is a play on words having… Continue reading Pat Lok – You Street

Kate Bush – The Red Shoes

From 1982-89, Kate Bush released an extraordinary run of albums – The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, and The Sensual World. 1993’s follow up, The Red Shoes, suffers by comparison but pretty much anything would suffer by comparison. It’s still a great album, and one I’ve been revisiting because of Prince’s work on “Why Should I… Continue reading Kate Bush – The Red Shoes

GH – Dreamed Sequences LP

Meet GH, the most talented artist you don’t know about yet. GH (a.k.a. Geoffrey Huber) is a DJ/producer involved with Pittsburgh’s thriving scene and he has produced electronic music for over a decade. Huber helped put Pittsburgh on the map in the dance music community when he co-founded Stem & Leaf, a record label specializing… Continue reading GH – Dreamed Sequences LP